Saturday, April 21, 2018


So let me start off by saying the Boston quad which is the Boston Marathon course 4 consecutive times was one of the best things I have ever experienced.  The weather was horrendous.  It started off with snow, then freezing rain, hail then downpours.   I have accepted that inclement seems to follow me.

I was picked-up by Scot and Amy Dedeo and we got dropped off in Boston 1 mile and ½ from the finish line, our starting line.  We were not going to make it in time so Scot and I ran!  We met up with Sean Butler and Rich Morrissey, took a few pictures then stopped in Adidas runbase to say a quick hello to Anne Margaret!  Then, were off and on our way to Hopkington!  I was surprised to see another friend, a non runner who was on a mountain bike.  He came out to the course to see us and see if we needed anything.  He said he was going to go 1 mile up and then one mile back.  His name is Sean Fraser.  He ended up biking in the snow along side of Sean Butler all the way to Hopkington!  He said he has only rode a bike for about 2 miles in the past 20 years!  

It gets a little blurry but Scot, Rich, and myself made our way towards Hopkington and met up with Eric and Mindy.  Mindy was running the next day so she drove up to meet up at the starting line and Eric ran with us.  

We get to the starting line and meet Mindy.  Thanks for the Ucan bar Mindy!   I was pretty cold because I was so wet for so long.  I was expecting to see Lisa and Brian, I had them on the spreadsheet for picking me up and taking me from Hopkinton towards Boston.  I spent 20 minutes looking for them around the comment I was freezing and I said I'll man they blew me off. I spent 20 minutes looking for then around the comment I was freezing and I said” man they blew me off”. As I started to run I remembered that I probably didn't delete them from the spreadsheet that I copy and pasted from last year, my bad!!!  So there was running by myself in the dark the snow in the freezing rain heading towards Boston.  Negativity started to creep in, and had to quickly quiet the voices in my head, otherwise I knew I would be done.  I started running fairly hard to keep warm and I got to the Dunkin Donuts and dried off in the hair dryer a little bit at least I tried my hat my gloves.  Around mile 10 of the marathon route I saw Roger and Mary Wright!  They pulled up in a car, and said they were going to meet me at the 13 mile mark.  Big boost, someone to run with and one of my favorite people to boot!  Roger gave me a chocolate chip chia something something that were pretty tasty.  Onwards towards the fire station we went.  

It gets even blurrier  but I met up with Peter Guza and then some of the Waltham wussies like Tommy,Cara Stephanie, Jack, Manny, eventually Randy, and Tim I don't remember if it was going out or going coming back but they ran with me for about 6 miles each.  As always, we shared some laughs and shared some stories and had a good old time.  

Eventually made it to the finish line which is the start of my third Marathon turn around about midnight and headed back to the fire station where I was going to beat up with Kenny and his daughter Hannah.  The plan was to rest there for at least a half an hour and get off my feet eat something ,regroup and then make our way to the starting line by 7 a.m.  I met up with Ilya who had the most important job, getting me to eat and drink and to the starting line on time and in one piece.  I tried eating at the fire station and just couldn't swallow.  I was nauseous and couldn't get anything down.  I tried chia seeds thinking that when I put them in my smoothie it helps fill me up.  They're packed with carbs, fiber and protein.  This was a game changer.  I was able to eat again a few minutes later.  I knew I had to eat for fuel, but also to stay warm. I changed my sneakers for the 3rd time, and off we went.

The plan was to take our time to get to the actual starting line so I could save something in the tank for the official Marathon. Once we start again called we started moving a little bit faster and then we would back off.  We made it to Hopkington by 7:10 in the morning 10 minutes later than projected but no big deal.  I said goodbye and a big thank you to Ilya, and then I found my media contact for the BAA that was waiting for me.  I had three interviews one right after the other than finally I said I need to get warm. I told him I needed a tent with fire or some sort of heated tent otherwise I was going to be hypothermic.  I was shivering and I knew I needed to get some shelter soon so that's what I did.  I went to the Center school where the volunteers were staying in the basement prepping for the race.  I stayed there for over 2 hours to regroup,  get off my feet, drink coffee , ate bananas consumed a few pounds of Swedish fish.  My race start at 10:25 so at 10:20 I went out and hop the barricade and got in the corral started walking and then eventually started running.  

My plan worked perfectly to this point and couldn't believe that the time had come and I was actually running the marathon!  The crowds were tremendous from the get go.  I ran the down hills hard and once it leveled off I took it easy.  I wanted to run the 2nd half of the race with a purpose.  That's where I would see my family and friends.  The rain was relentless and so were the 30-40 mile an hour headwinds.  It down for it many times in the crowd fed off it.  What it down for the crowds got louder is pretty awesome to hear.  It rain harder they got louder I ran faster.  You could just feel the energy it was truly amazing.  I shot a few old friends by Jason in Framingham and Kevin Felton too. Then once I got to Wellesley I saw Kenny again, and then Jack and Kate Murphy.  Each time I saw someone it gave me a huge push.  They were psyched to see me, but I was more psyched to see them.  
I finally get to the Firehouse for the last time after passing it three previous times and using as an aid station all I could do is stop and bow.  They were super nice to let me use the fire station I'm forever grateful.  Some of them told me I'm bad ass and I'm a hero I quickly reminded them that they're the real heroes when that alarm goes off they don't know what they're going to come out to.  I'm just a silly runner.  And now I start hitting the hills in Newton with a Vengeance I couldn't wait to see my family and friends.  And once I saw them it was just electric.  I stop for hugs, fist-pumps high fives and quick conversations.  Same deal, I fed off their energy and I quickly would take off and Sprint up the hills and it is truly amazing what the human body is capable of.  I had plenty of energy left in my legs.  I saw my family at mile 20.  I was shocked to see my parents, sisters, my niece and nephews and my wife and my son, my biggest fans!  I was just ecstatic. I knew after seeing them I could ride that high all the way to the finish line.  I really ran the hills hard and for the most part ran the rest of the marathon hard.

Coming into Kenmore square, seeing the Citgo sign I got emotional and then allllll cranked up.   I slowed down passing Fenway to soak up the atmosphere and then started getting the crowds going.  The louder they got the faster I ran.  I literally sprinted to the finish line.  I have completed the #bostonquad2018 !!!

I am really happy with the plan I put together.  I will apply this towards #bostonquad2019 !

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